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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dear Freinds,

If you are receiving this email it is because you have either already sent a Snail Mail piece to CIRCLE sometime during the last year, you have one that has been started but not yet finished or you have asked to participate in this initiative.

I apologize for sending a mass mailing instead of contacting you each directly. I have many people to connect with and hope you will understand. Thank yous to all of you who have already sent in pieces to the collection. We  have about 60 pieces so far ready to go with many more partially done and many many more who have committed to participation.

The date for the first showing has been set. It will be held at Butterfield Too Art Gallery, 137 King Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084 during the month of November, 2010. The opening reception will be held during the St Augustine monthly First Friday Art Walk on November 5, 2010. This is a very publicized and well attended montlly affair in the area. November should be a very good month for tourist traffic and we look forward to a well attended event.

CIRCLE will produce a postcard from one of the pieces as an invitation and send it to the aprox 600 member invitation list of Butterfield Too. Additional postcards may be available for participating artists by request as long as funding allows.

CIRCLE will provide refreshments at the reception and entertainment as well ,if possible.

We are in the process of application to other venues for moving this exciting show onward when it comes down from Butterfield Too Art Gallery. Possible locations include various Floirda, New York cities and others.

If you know of an appropriate venue that might abe open to proposal please send contact information. Please be aware that venues following the first CIRCLEmay be juried from the original work or additional work sent in. More on that later.

We have worked up an Exhibition agreement that covers all issues connected with doing this installation. Please look it over and consider whether you wish to be included. We have asked for a $10 per piece entry fee, We feel this is quite a small and reasonable fee to ask for and hope you agree. $5 will cover costs incurred by CIRCLE and $5 will go to Butterfield for use of the space.
 If funds allow a catalogue may be produced of selected pieces..Larger donations tor the cause and continuation of CIRCLE work are of course appreciated and encouraged.

Thanks to all of you who acted as "starters" for this event. Your cost will only be that required by Butterfield Too. The charge asked for by CIRCLE is waived for you as promised.* Starters "are artists who agree to originate a minimum of 6 pieces of mail art,send them to collaborating artists and then send in the total collection along with required exhibition agreements and charges to the CIRCLE address. If you are a starter and have not yet done so please gather the pieces from your collaborators and ask the to fill out exhibition agrrements and send it all in.

Please download the attached Exhibition Agreement, fill it in and send to the either CIRCLE Address.

PS. There is still time to do more work,The charges cover up to 3 pieces so please feel free to send us more. Also anyone still wishing to be considered for a "starter" please respond asap. 

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