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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Circular Space Installation

CALL TO ARTISTS, POETS, LYRICISTS, WRITERS and other creative folks.
The Circular Space mail art exhibit will be installed at Butterfield Too Art Gallery, 137 King Street, St. Augustine, Fl 32084. We will have an opening reception to coincide with the First Friday art walk in St Augustine on Nov 5, 2010.
CIRCLE  and Butterfield Too will provide invitations and refreshments.Proposals are being made to other venues in various galleries, museums and appropriate spaces in a multitude of places. We hope this installation will move on to many other venues. (Entry to other venues will be juried)
A catalogue will be produced of select pieces if funding allows.

HISTORY OF CIRCLE CIRCLE was founded  by Kate Miller in summer 2008  with Robin Miller as  co-founder.
Since then approximately 50 pieces have been sent and received, over 35 states and 7 countries are represented by artists who have committed to enter a piece.
Images of the earliest received works are posted on the circularspace blogspot. We will continue to post images and soon will post a list of all participating artists.

1. Begin a  piece of Mail Art 
2. Send your piece of mail art to a collaborating artist who has agreed to work with you through the U.S. or other National postal service. Be sure to send the piece  as a postcard or other UNWRAPPED piece of mail,
 The mail art piece cannot be mailed in an envelope or other enclosure, Postage, stamps and Cancellations will become part of a collage piece of collaborative art.
3. When the piece is received by the collaborative artist they will finish the piece and return it , again UNWRAPPED back through the mail. Each piece of work should show evidence of travel through the mail two times, from originator to collaborator and back from collaborator to originator.
4. When the piece has been returned to the originator it is finished and can be entered into the CIRCLE Circular Space Art installation.
5. To enter copy and print the Exhibition agreement found on the CIRCLE blogspot, and send the piece, the agreement, your entry fees ($5.00 per artist) and SASE large enough to hold your mail art piece for return to
CIRCLE P.O. Box 168, Rock Hill , NY 12775     or    CIRCLE 4301 Seagate Lane, N. , St. Augustine, FL 32084

( I am in NY until August 15 and can receive mail art here until then. After August 15, 2010  I will return to St. Augustine.
Any mail art received in NY after August 15 will be forwarded on to St. Augustine so don't worry about which address!!)


  1. When are you coming back??...I really wanted you to see my came out amazingly!!

    I am going to forward on to my possee!! I know tons of artist and designers from JAX..

  2. I will be around the 18th of August. Sorry I missed your show, Hope you took lots of pics. I have a facebook, and three blogs, circularspace, and and a website
    chech them all out!!Would be wonderful if you could get some more participants for the CIRCLE project!!


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