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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Circular space: Pictures of show

Circular space: Pictures of show: " So the opening for Circularspace, the CIRCLE snail mail postcard art show has come and gone. It is still up in the Butterfield Too Gal..."

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pictures of show


So the opening for Circularspace, the CIRCLE snail mail postcard art show has come and gone. It is still up in the Butterfield Too Gallery as the featured exhibit for November until November 30 so if you didnt make the opening, theres still plenty of time to check it out. It represents the work of over 100 artists from 35 states and several countries.
Some of the more unusual and varied and interesting pieces include a piece from the inmates of the Key West program, "Art Behind Bars",facilitated by Lynne Vantriglia  and 30 pieces on plexiglass that were sent through the mail from children in Anya Tucker's Brooklyn Art class to the children of Elena Cifuentes' art class in Tampa Fl. Also included are approximately 12 pieces done by 17 members of the SoMMA (Society of Mixed Media Art) group out of Jacksonville.Work from more than 10 Florida cities are represented as well as from 30 states in the US and 5 international countries including Montserrat, West Indies, Bali, Viet Nam, Japan, Russia and Turkey. 
The materials used to make the pieces range widely, including but not limited to paper, wood, masonite,  plexiglass, canvas, traditional postcards, styrofoam, actual photographs and a wood framed screen. Some things that can be found buried in or attached to the pieces include a camera, a clock, figurines, toys, silkscreened images, photo images, oil paintings, old music, pieces of a lamp shade, old frames, feathers, fabric of various types, stickers ,original poetry and creative writing, old letters, buttons, advertising, ribbons, stamps of all kinds, cardboard, chain, fishing lures, shells, string, price tags, comic book pages, personalized stamps, a round box, metal, corkboard, gold leaf, mosaic pieces, and even some kind of a skull!
The pieces are arranged in lines according to links of some sorts, some lines are created by one originating artist, others are linked by color or materials, or size or their originatin place. They have been hung by stringing them with fine copper lines through small holes in the corners and hanging them from a random irregular grid of wire strung across the room. The lines create planes and spaces have carefully been left to enable viewing on both sides and manuevering through the maze-like space.
Small lights are directed in various directions to illuminate the room and throw dancing shadows on the floor and walls. The effect of the copper as it bends and kinks is one of energy and movement giving the show a whimsical and fun mood.
There is much to see, it is colorful and fascinating. I thank all of you out there who participated for a great exhibit!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ray Johnson, Father of Mail Art

Check out Ray Johnson, the so called "Father of Mail Art".  Ray got his start at the now famous Black Mountain College.  He has has been labeled many things. Among others he has been labeled Fluxus, Dada, Futurist, Surrealist, poet, comic artist, word artist, performance art, correspondence artist and the Father of  Mail art. To learn more about him or just for the fun of it, watch the documentary film, "How to Draw a Bunny"
Ray himself did not call himself anything, that was in itself the point of it.He simply did what he did, he collaged, drew, or otherwise made thousands of pieces of art that he then mailed to freinds, other artists and students. He had no expectation of what would become of them or whatt those who received them should do with them

Sunday, August 8, 2010

For everyone who thought I made the Exhibition agreement too long and complicated, Youre absolutely right  so heres the re-worked shorter version!   Thanks, I appreciate the advice, now please fill it out and send it in.

Revised Exhibition Agreement
CIRCLE Snail Mail Installation
Butterfield Too Art Gallery

Butterfield Too Art Gallery

Please copy and print Part I,, fill out and send in along with entry fees and SASE by due date of Oct 22, 2010.

  Exhibition Agreement:
This agreement is between CIRCLE (Community for the Inspired Realization of Creative Life Experience) represented by founder and director, Kate Miller and co-founder, Robin Miller.
Butterfield Too Art Gallery represented by Director, Jan Miller and participating CIRCLE Snail Mail Artists. (none of us are related!)PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING:

1. Originating Artist:

Contact information (email or phone):

2. Collaborating Artist:

Contact information (email or phone):

3. Title (if applicable)
4. Medium(s)
5. Dimensions
6. Cost (if listed for sale)
7.Signatures and dates for both artists;( signing indicates you have read and agreed to the terms of the contract.)

________________________ _____________________

________________________ ______________________.

Print out the above form and send to CIRCLE, 4301 Seagate Lane N., St Augustine, FL 32084


The following is information about the exhibition at Butterfield and the possibility of other exhibitions. by signing above you agree to these terms. Please Read  before signing The Exhibition Agreement .

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Information and Rules of the CIRCLE Snail Mail Exhibition(s)

 FYI. Please read the following before signing the above agreement.

1. CIRCLE Snail Installation to be held at:

Butterfield Too Art Gallery Mail 137 King Street
St. Augustine, Florida 32084

2. Works to be Included:
All works completed by an originator and a collaborator and sent through the United States or other National Post Office both from the Originator to the Collaborator and returned from the Collaborator to the Originator, showing cancelled postage from original and return mailings and sent by the due date of Oct. 22, 2010 to either of the following CIRCLE addresses by the set due date.

1. P.O. Box 168, Rock Hill, NY 12775  ( before August 15, 2010)    or

2.4301 Seagate Lane N., St. Augustine, FL 32084 anytime after August 15, 2010

The exception: any work seen as unfit or incomplete by the CIRCLE committee or that does not support the CIRCLE mission will not be included in the CIRCLE Snail Mail Art Installation)

3. Exhibition Costs to participating artists.
Each Snail Mail piece will be charged $10.00 cost to exhibit. ( $5 per artist)
$5.00- to go to Butterfield Too Art Gallery
$5.00- to CIRCLE.
Artists may submit as many pieces as they choose.
(The exception to the $5/CIRCLE charge is given to approved “starters” who have sent in a minimum of six finished and mailed pieces.  .)

4.Cost to be borne by the Butterfield Too and/or CIRCLE include:

  • Design and printing of invitations and mail out
  • Photography of work for possible catalogue, website or postcards
  • Cost of production of catalogue, postcards, invitations
  • Cost of reception
5. Publicity
The gallery and/or CIRCLE wil create and release a local press release and invitations to be sent to the Butterfield invitation list.
  •   An opening reception will be held on November 5, 2010 during the First Friday Art Walk in St. Augustine, Fl. and will be publicized by Butterfield Too locally and CIRCLE online.

 6. Delivery/ Collection of Work
Works must be delivered in person or by mail to CIRCLE by the originating or collaborating artists by the due date of October 22, 2010. The Snail Mail piece must travel through the mail from the originator to the collaborator and back from the collaborator to the originator.

After the piece is returned to the originator it should be mailed (in an envelope or other wrapping or directly through the mail) to: 
CIRCLE , 4301 Seagate Lane N. , St. Augustine , FL 32084  or deliverred to Butterfield Too Gallery, 137 King Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084

Neither CIRCLE nor Butterfield Too takes responsibility for Snail mail that is damaged, lost, or sent to a wrong address.  Things can happen in the mail!

7. Installation of the Work:

CIRCLE will install the work according to the design made by its founder/director, Kate Miller. 
(Note: small pin or drill holes may be made in the corners or other spots considered being non-disturbing to the integrity of the work. CIRCLE will make every effort to respect the piece but retains the right to slightly alter pieces for the overall look of the show and to be able to show the work of both artists on either side or all sides of the work. By signing this agreement the artist agrees to abide by the decisions made in this respect.

Dismantling of the work will be done by CIRCLE representative, Kate Miller

8. Sales of Work:

Work may be priced and listed for sale or may be listed NFS ( not for sale)
Upon Sale of a work CIRCLE will collect 10% of the cost and Butterfield Too will collect an additional 25%. The remaining 65% will be sent to either originator or collaborator according to the information provided in the exhibition agreement. Distribution between artists is the responsibility of the artist whose information is on the agreement.
Reporting income tax on sold peices is the responsibility of the artists.

9. Return of Work

Artists wishing to have their Snail Mail work returned should send an appropriately sized mailing envelope or appropriatly sized, posted and labeled packaging with correct return address, or work can be picked up in person from Butterfield Too Gallery at the end of the show on November 29, or 30th.  Work not accompanied by return mail packaging or picked up in person will become the property of CIRCLE or will be held for the next possible CIRCLE Snail Mail exhibit

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Circular Space Installation

CALL TO ARTISTS, POETS, LYRICISTS, WRITERS and other creative folks.
The Circular Space mail art exhibit will be installed at Butterfield Too Art Gallery, 137 King Street, St. Augustine, Fl 32084. We will have an opening reception to coincide with the First Friday art walk in St Augustine on Nov 5, 2010.
CIRCLE  and Butterfield Too will provide invitations and refreshments.Proposals are being made to other venues in various galleries, museums and appropriate spaces in a multitude of places. We hope this installation will move on to many other venues. (Entry to other venues will be juried)
A catalogue will be produced of select pieces if funding allows.

HISTORY OF CIRCLE CIRCLE was founded  by Kate Miller in summer 2008  with Robin Miller as  co-founder.
Since then approximately 50 pieces have been sent and received, over 35 states and 7 countries are represented by artists who have committed to enter a piece.
Images of the earliest received works are posted on the circularspace blogspot. We will continue to post images and soon will post a list of all participating artists.

1. Begin a  piece of Mail Art 
2. Send your piece of mail art to a collaborating artist who has agreed to work with you through the U.S. or other National postal service. Be sure to send the piece  as a postcard or other UNWRAPPED piece of mail,
 The mail art piece cannot be mailed in an envelope or other enclosure, Postage, stamps and Cancellations will become part of a collage piece of collaborative art.
3. When the piece is received by the collaborative artist they will finish the piece and return it , again UNWRAPPED back through the mail. Each piece of work should show evidence of travel through the mail two times, from originator to collaborator and back from collaborator to originator.
4. When the piece has been returned to the originator it is finished and can be entered into the CIRCLE Circular Space Art installation.
5. To enter copy and print the Exhibition agreement found on the CIRCLE blogspot, and send the piece, the agreement, your entry fees ($5.00 per artist) and SASE large enough to hold your mail art piece for return to
CIRCLE P.O. Box 168, Rock Hill , NY 12775     or    CIRCLE 4301 Seagate Lane, N. , St. Augustine, FL 32084

( I am in NY until August 15 and can receive mail art here until then. After August 15, 2010  I will return to St. Augustine.
Any mail art received in NY after August 15 will be forwarded on to St. Augustine so don't worry about which address!!)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dear Freinds,

If you are receiving this email it is because you have either already sent a Snail Mail piece to CIRCLE sometime during the last year, you have one that has been started but not yet finished or you have asked to participate in this initiative.

I apologize for sending a mass mailing instead of contacting you each directly. I have many people to connect with and hope you will understand. Thank yous to all of you who have already sent in pieces to the collection. We  have about 60 pieces so far ready to go with many more partially done and many many more who have committed to participation.

The date for the first showing has been set. It will be held at Butterfield Too Art Gallery, 137 King Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084 during the month of November, 2010. The opening reception will be held during the St Augustine monthly First Friday Art Walk on November 5, 2010. This is a very publicized and well attended montlly affair in the area. November should be a very good month for tourist traffic and we look forward to a well attended event.

CIRCLE will produce a postcard from one of the pieces as an invitation and send it to the aprox 600 member invitation list of Butterfield Too. Additional postcards may be available for participating artists by request as long as funding allows.

CIRCLE will provide refreshments at the reception and entertainment as well ,if possible.

We are in the process of application to other venues for moving this exciting show onward when it comes down from Butterfield Too Art Gallery. Possible locations include various Floirda, New York cities and others.

If you know of an appropriate venue that might abe open to proposal please send contact information. Please be aware that venues following the first CIRCLEmay be juried from the original work or additional work sent in. More on that later.

We have worked up an Exhibition agreement that covers all issues connected with doing this installation. Please look it over and consider whether you wish to be included. We have asked for a $10 per piece entry fee, We feel this is quite a small and reasonable fee to ask for and hope you agree. $5 will cover costs incurred by CIRCLE and $5 will go to Butterfield for use of the space.
 If funds allow a catalogue may be produced of selected pieces..Larger donations tor the cause and continuation of CIRCLE work are of course appreciated and encouraged.

Thanks to all of you who acted as "starters" for this event. Your cost will only be that required by Butterfield Too. The charge asked for by CIRCLE is waived for you as promised.* Starters "are artists who agree to originate a minimum of 6 pieces of mail art,send them to collaborating artists and then send in the total collection along with required exhibition agreements and charges to the CIRCLE address. If you are a starter and have not yet done so please gather the pieces from your collaborators and ask the to fill out exhibition agrrements and send it all in.

Please download the attached Exhibition Agreement, fill it in and send to the either CIRCLE Address.

PS. There is still time to do more work,The charges cover up to 3 pieces so please feel free to send us more. Also anyone still wishing to be considered for a "starter" please respond asap. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CIRCLE Snail Mail Exhibition/Installation

Whether the Snail Mail Exhibition will be a display of snail mail or an installation will depend on the amount of work received to show. If we collect a large enough amount of mail art, it will be hung in a creative way so that all sides and all pieces can be seen. If there is only enough to displaly conventionally, then that will be done. In any case all pieces will  be shown on both sides.

So do some more, and get to those post offices , we have almost 3 months, plenty of time for lots more work!!!!!!!!

This piece by Kate P. Miller and Dr. Lynne Bentley-Kemp

CIRCLE reserves the right to jury any piece not deemed suitable or cancel  or postpone the show due to lack of participation.