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Monday, September 6, 2010

Ray Johnson, Father of Mail Art

Check out Ray Johnson, the so called "Father of Mail Art".  Ray got his start at the now famous Black Mountain College.  He has has been labeled many things. Among others he has been labeled Fluxus, Dada, Futurist, Surrealist, poet, comic artist, word artist, performance art, correspondence artist and the Father of  Mail art. To learn more about him or just for the fun of it, watch the documentary film, "How to Draw a Bunny"
Ray himself did not call himself anything, that was in itself the point of it.He simply did what he did, he collaged, drew, or otherwise made thousands of pieces of art that he then mailed to freinds, other artists and students. He had no expectation of what would become of them or whatt those who received them should do with them

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