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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


ATTENTION FAITHFUL CIRCLE followers and participants.
 I apologize for my long absence, I was involved in moving first, finding a job, a gallery and trying to settle in etc. I am sorry to have neglected you.
 I still want to do the CIRCLE Snail Mail Installation and hope I can beg your forgiveness for my neglect and nudge you back into interest in participating!!
Since moving from the Keys to St. Augustine, I have become affiliated with the Gallery, Butterfield Too  at 137 King St. in St. Augustine. It is a great place with a lot of exciting artwork and shows going on.
I brought all your work into a meeting ( this is a co-op) and asked for a date we could do a show.
I have been slotted into November 2010 to do a CIRCLE Snail Mail show.
All who already sent work will be contacted with an exhibition agreement to sign and send back in if you are interested in showing your work.
 Butterfield may impose an entry or sales fee but it will be small and you will be asked if you wish to participate or not.
For anyone who did not finish your mail art project there is plenty of time. There are a couple of ways to start
I. 1. Make a piece of mail art ( a postcard or anything the post office will mail UNWRAPPED) and with postage.
  2. Send it to someone who has agreed to collaborate with you through the mail.
  3. That person receives the mail art and then collaborates on the piece however they choose, draw on it, paint on it, glue something wonderful on it, use rubber stamps, write poetry, prose or a line of whatever, alter it in anyway you choose. Remember we want this to be an interesting Art show so keep that in mind.
  4. Send it back to the originator , again UNWRAPPED, stamped, postmarked and mailed through the postal service. No envelopes, boxes or brown wrapping paper please.
  5. When the finished piece comes back to the originator send it on to me, it can now be put in an envelope or appropriate wrapping. I will send you all the details and entry form with request for entry fee etc.
  6. As long as it has been artisitically collaborated on by two artists/writers or poets it will be displayed. Please abstain from trashy commercial advertising .. I look forward to receiving your work.
II. If  you cannot find anyone who wants to collaborate with you send your address and either  Robin Miller, myself or several other "starters"  will originate a piece and send it to you for collaboration. Follow the above rules when working on the piece.

Above piece by Kate P. Miller and Robin Miller

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