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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tips on Mail Art

Tips on Mailing Snail Mail Art!
To all of you asking about returning mail art here are a couple of tips..

1. Dont be intimidated but do be sensitive It is ok to cover or paint or otherwise change what you get, thats the idea, do however remember that this is a collaboration. If you are the originator, try to leave the piece a little "unfinished" (a problem I have). If you are the collaborator, look at the work that was started and try to work with what has been started and consider the idea that two of you are working together.

2. Make sure the return address is easy to see, either cover the first one or put it on the other side,should be easy for them because the first stamps will be cancelled.If you choose to you can cover the previous name and address with blue painters tape. it can be easily removed when it reaches its final destination.

3. Request what you want.When you go to the P.O. BE SURE to request stamps so that they dont stick an ugly barcoded meter stamp on there, (unless that is the look youre going for of course, I have used a couple)

4. Buy stamps online to ensure choice. I have gotten to where I buy many denominations of stamps online, then I take the piece down to the P.O. and get it weighed and write down what the pieces will cost, then I come back and put them on myself so that the postal workers and people in line dont get impatient. It isnt much when you have just one, but Im doing piles of them.

5. Do be concerned with quality, the idea is to give your collaborating artist something interesting to work with, a bunch of pieces of stuff, advertising and uninteresting labels stuck in a pile isnt interesting to anyone. Im not saying that commercial stuff and even advertising isnt interesting but use it with caution, go for some sort of visual continuity like  a color , a line that connects, or a shape that repeats itself, to pull the eye through the images.

6.Make art out of your collected stuff( some might say trash). If you're using "ordinary" materials like cardboard or aluminum foil try to make it look extraordinary and work into your design. It can be difficult to portray stuff everyone commonly throws in the trash as art. Look at the lettering, the shapes the colors, try to put things together that cause an interesting combination or contrast.

7. Enjoy the process and dont worry about the product but try to make it interesting .

8. Be original and thoughtful but dont forget spontanaety!!

9. Remember do not wrap or put any mail art in envelopes!!

10. Take your time but HURRY UP!! Understandably we all have lives, families, jobs and our own work so take the time you need but dont put your piece under a pile where you may forget about it for months, work on it while its fresh in your mind

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